Find Your Path at Central Arizona College

Central Arizona College is here to help you create your educational and career plan.

Find your path!
Complete the MyMajors assessment to discover the Areas of Interest and specific Pathway/Program Maps to consider at CAC. 

What is MyMajors?
MyMajors considers your academic achievements, interests, and personality to recommend Pathways/Programs at CAC that appear to fit you best.

Who can use this tool?
Whether you are a prospective student, just starting with CAC or a current student at CAC, this is for you!

We encourage you to retake this assessment periodically, as your academic and personal interests may change over time. Be sure to discuss the results with your academic advisor. Your academic advisor will help you create a plan for your future!

Note: MyMajors is an instrument to help guide your choice of program or career. It is not a test. There are no right or wrong answers. In responding to the questions, answer based on what is right or true for you.